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Lonely Night lyrics


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     Lonely Night
    >> Avril Lavigne
        Silent darkness invokes the palette
    Forcing the night into our hearts
    Facing candles in mirrors of dark
    As shadows embraces the arts
    Opened wide stand gates to nightmares
    Lurking each painting with gloomy light
    Precious gifts of nightly treasures
    Forever preserved by this dismayed sight

    Gather the allies among dreaming and living
    Summon the fiends of grave and death
    Souls of darkness, dwellers of nightfall
    Searching, grasping for timeless breath
    Dead is now the art of dreaming
    Dreaming is now the art of death
    Find thy soul in ever grieving
    Conjured by demons of twilight birth

    "....Thy flesh shades of scarlet sights
    As thou suffers the age of dawn
    Thy pale skin upholds the marks
    Of a dream of scarlet nights...."

    The archfiends of fearless hunting
    Destroyer of daughters and sons
    Creatures within the illusion
    Dwellers of a crimson dream
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